Thursday, June 20, 2013

Homeland, Cory Doctorow

HomelandHomeland by Cory Doctorow
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Oh Cory Doctorow, I do love your storytelling, I just wish you could resist the urge to lecture me for two pages about bit torrent. I get it, privacy good!

We meet back up with Marcus a year or two after Little Brother left off. The recession has hit and both parents are out of work. With no income and student loan debt piling up (lecture alert) Marcus drops out of University. He once again meets up with Masha, who, predictably puts him and Ange in grave danger in order. She has a flash drive of hundreds of thousands of pages of government documents, some classified, some not (wikileaks lecture alert). Marcus and his band of hacker friends need to figure out what to do with the information while the Department of Homeland Security closes the net around them (lecture alert). In the meantime, Marcus' notoriety bring him to the attention of a reforming independent candidate who offers him a job as webmaster.

It's all good fun and a great story with lots of valuable insights into the state of the world today and compelling themes ripped from the pages of boing boing and the Huffington Post, which is fine. It's great. But seriously, just scan the lectures.

The story speaks for itself so much better than the editorials.

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