Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleepytime Rhyme by Remy Charlip

This is one of the earliest books I read to my kids. It is a simple rhyming story of a parent's love of their child.
I love you. I think you're grand. There's none
like you in all the land.

Each page lists parts that the parent loves: hair, head, chin and so on. In my house, and despite the peaceful vibe, we always ended with tickling. Some of the rhymes get a little labored, but that's OK with us, we just tickle through the occasional awkward spot.

The illustrations are simple, most likely pastel and watercolor, and convey a sense of peace and joy between parent and child. On each page there is the human parent child pair and out the window behind, another pair: clouds, the sun, mountains.

Next time you are at the library, pick this one up and you are guaranteed a good snuggle when you read to me tonight.

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